We’ve built the Ultimate
Cryptocurrency trading Tool for You

The Next Generation Trading Platform


Convenient and flexible interface

Moontrader’s GUI is highly customizable. The user can chose to position chart windows and all necessary information in any way that suits them best.

Controllable from any device

Moontrader is cross platform. You can access it from your smartphone, tablet or PC regardless of the OS you are using.

Testing environment

You can back-test your ideas against historical data and test your new ideas using Paper trading (virtual funds).

Trusted Management

Trust the best traders with your funds or chose whose trading style you would like to copy so that you too could turn that fat profit.

The Tick Chart

You always want to be ahead of the curve to make money on a highly volatile market and that’s where you need a Tick Chart that displays every single trade made instantly. Forget about waiting for a candlestick to fill up. With a Tick Chart you see the trend forming in front of your eyes.


We already have an experienced team of professional software developers and active traders. We have launched the first-generation trading terminal Moon-Bot.com in October 2017.


The Terminal provides only local storage of personal data! The MoonTrader Team does not collect your personal data and cannot access it remotely. To safeguard Your funds, a Stop-loss function will be enabled by default for all possible terminal modules.

Automatic signal trading

Connect MoonTrader to your favorite signal providers via Telegram, Twitter, Discord or Tradingview and let the system run autonomously and place orders automatically based on the parameters you set.

It’s not just a trading Terminal, it’s
an Environment

We offer a platform for user content to be shared among our community and there’s a marketplace for algorithms and services to be bought and sold between community members.

Algorithmic trading and Modular Algorithm Builder

You don’t need to be a skilled and experienced in writing code to be able to set up a trading algorithm using our user-friendly GUI algorithm builder tool


Q4 2017
Q1-Q4 2018
Q1-Q2 2019
Q3 2019
Q1 2020
Q2 2020
Q3 2020
Q4 2020 - Q1 2021
Release of the 1st generation terminal (MoonBot)
Development and implementation of new features and tools in MoonBot Online anonymized statistics of Traders with the feed of the transactions displayed in real time
Additional recruitment to fill the main team Task structuring
Staff recruitment Solving initial security problems Design and start of development Q4 2019 – Alpha version of the terminal, without algorithmic tools
Basic algorithmic tools Testing and closed Beta version
Alpha version of the mobile terminal (iOS / Android) Additional exchanges connection module The introduction of common indicators (candlestick analysis)
Algorithm Builder Module Back-testing modules The Marketplace of algorithms and services
Advisor module Trade Assistant module The introduction of AI infrastructure