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Dear Friends, we’d like to remind you that Round 2 will end in 4 days and announce the following news regarding the status of our ICO:

We will not be conducting the 3rd round of the ICO for the following reasons:
The development of MoonTrader is going strong (we’ve previously shown already a working prototype and other major developments that we’ve achieved). Soon we will commence the first stage of testing the new terminal and will move to large scale operations in both development and marketing the new product and its connected services.

Given the above, we will make the following changes to the ICO status:
– We’ve cancelled round 3
– The Hard Cap is set at 600 000 USDT (or equivalent)
– The unsold tokens will be destroyed. This way, the amount of available MOON Tokens is halved!

To conclude:
There’s a very small amount of Tokens remaining for sale. The end of round 2 is due in just days from now — on the 25th of October. You only have one more week to purchase the Tokens at the discounted price of 0.65 USD. After this round ends, the price of the MOON Token will increase to 1 USD and will only be available for purchase after the launch of the MoonTrader Terminal. Those who have already made up their minds about using the new terminal should understand the obvious benefit of purchasing the Tokens now at the discounted price and making an almost 50% profit on them under 6 months. DO NOT MISS this last chance to get your Tokens before they are sold out!

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