Algorithmic Trading and Modular Algorithms Builder

At the moment, MoonBot implements 13 types of automatic strategies. Within the adjustable settings for these strategies, there are more than 200 parameters which can be optimized to best trade in all market conditions.

Trading bots, and strategy optimization, can be quite difficult for new Traders until they build their experience. Therefore, we are implementing an advanced Algorithm Builder UI in MoonTrader to improve the user experience, and to easily develop profitable bots that feature winning combinations of advanced technical indicators. 

The user experience oriented block interface of the Algorithms Constructor will be easy to learn and will allow you to embody any of your trading ideas without being a programmer or trading bot designer. Additional filters and conditions are added to the initially small number of parameters as the user decides to. 

Thus, in a single interface, convenient and accessible, beginners and professional Traders can work out their ideas. This reduces the entry threshold to algorithmic trading, providing an accessible interface to remove the complexity and to allow the Trader to quickly create unique and profitable algorithms.

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