Artificial Intelligence as the Trader’s Assistant

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The term “neural network” is taken from the field of artificial intelligence, and in simple words means the imitation of some of the mechanisms associated with the human brain.

A neural network is a sophisticated method to carry out technical data analysis, which includes ways to automatically process and analyze complex data sets to identify underlying patterns or behavior that might otherwise be hidden from sight.

Neural networks can be used to solve tasks such as the following: 

  • Self-trained Trader’s assistant. This can produce signals based on the user’s data and preferences. It develops its recommendations by consistently assessing the Trader’s activity, the outcomes of their bidding, and the influence of changing market conditions.
  • Settings for trading algorithms. The neural network can process large amounts of data in a short time, iterating over all possible combinations, to offer the optimal solutions that maximize profitability. 
  • Automated trading algorithm. This specialist approach is regulated by a neural network, depending on the market changes. It makes decisions based on self-testing of historical data, and from the results of its own trades.
  • Best Artificial Trader. This is an innovative development pioneered by MoonTrader. It is trained on the statistical data of the best Traders actions in real time. Constantly improving based on their skills and adapts to the changing market conditions. The Trust Management module will provide an option to connect to the actions of the Artificial Trader, in the future.

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