Change Log

16 July 2021 v 13118

NEW Features:

  • Deltas and 24h rolling Volume now added to the Chart Window
  • Added possibility of choosing a default Chart type when opening new Chart window (Options Menu -> Graph -> Content -> default graph type)
  • Client Blacklist feature allowing the users to hide a specific Symbol/Market/Quote asset from the Search bar results, Live Market list and Market Info lists. IMPORTANT! The format for adding a Market is:  spot/futures/margin etc, the full name of the market you wish to blacklist; for Quote asset: s:usdt (to blacklist all spot pairs that are quoted against USDT); for Symbol: s:dogeusdt (to add dogeusdt pair on Spot to blacklist).
  • Client options and settings are now Profile specific, meaning these settings are now saved in a file inside the profile folder
  • Possibility to open a duplicate of an already open Chart with a different view mode. Right Click on the tab to see the drop-down menu!


  • Live Market tab optimization
  • Network Traffic optimization
  • Miscellaneous fixes and minor improvements


09 July 2021 v 13040

NEW Features:

  • the introduction of the Mixed Chart view. This view allows the user to view the live tick chart but adds a snapshot of 1000 1 minute candlesticks that will help the users get a better understanding of the past price movement. Can be chosen from the same drop-down menu on the top right-hand side of the Screen
  • Default Chart View selector is now added to the Main Menu. This menu will allow users to chose the default type of chart they would like to view (Tick, Chandlestick or Mixed). Can be accessed in the Main Menu -> Options -> Graphs -> Content, the selector is at the bottom of the screen.


  • Core alert system improvements and global fixes
  • 24h Delta (%) in the Market Live tab is now called “24h Change (%)” with a +/- sign depending on the change.
  • Core logs are now kept for 3 days and then discarded. Logs cleaned after compression, only *.log and *.gz files affected.


07 July 2021 v 12996

NEW Features:

  •  Hedge Mode selector added to Bulk actions in Market Info tab. Now users have the ability to enable or disable Binance’s hedge mode directly from the Client
  •   Reports Tab, Comment column fix
  •  Notification panel now closes when double-clicking to open a new chart from the drop-down list
  •  Market Live resource drain fix
  •  TP/SL quantity issue fix

29 June 2021 v 12915

  • Core logger now uses TRACE log lever to display limits data.
  • shotAlgo available margin check on spot fix
  • CPU/RAM/HDD monitoring fixes
  • Miscellaneous Fixes

25 June 2021 v 12880

NEW Features:

  • Candlestick Chart is now available by changing the Chart type on the top right of the screen
  • Live Markets feature added as a new tab. This tab contains auto-updated market data
  • Order volumes bar chart revamp
  • Leverage type and size buttons revamp (now clustered together under Bulk actions button in Markets Info)
  • Tool tips (information windows popping out when hovering over with the mouse)


  • Unix and MacOS system fixes enable confirmation pop-out on application exit
  • Time axis fixes
  • Miscellaneous fixes

11 June 2021 v 12795

  • Futures reports malfunction fix
  • Reports profit/profit%/profit USDT calculation fix
  • Shot won’t start if margin is insufficient on spot fix
  • TP/SL stuck after panic sell partially filled original order fix

08 June 2021 v 12780

IMPORTANT for Unix derived OS (MacOS / Linux)! This update has changed the location of the directory containing profile information to: ~/.config/moontrader-data/data   

  • transfer window fix
  • notifications fix
  • 100% CPU load notification fix
  • separate connection for UDS Source
  • commission calculation fixes
  • 98% API load fix
  • log errors fix

01 June 2021 v 12733

NEW Features:

  • Added Reports filters !!!
  • Added Telegram reporting functionality !!!
  • Added trade Storage settings !!!


  • graph auto-scale and trailing price are mutually exclusive now
  • sliders now have snapping spots (magnetic zones) to which they adhere
  • time axis fixes
  • status bar log line fix
  • Spot Join order fixes
  • Shot Algo fixes
  • Commission calculations in Reports fix
  • Manual Market close position fixes

23 May 2021 v 12687

  • comments to reports (algo name + algo info or manual)
  •  extended reports panel feature list:
  • row selection,
  • delete selected reports,
  •  clear db,
  •  “advanced” filtering,
  •  totals for selected reports
  •  warning icon (totals) when deleted reports present
  •   removed shot algorithm from new algorithm list
  •  replaced “,” with “.” when entering numbers in number input fields

17 May 2021 v 12645

  • Added trade compression
  • Fine tuned Trader Storing
  • Free memory fix when out of memory for trades

16 May 2021 v 12641

  • Trade Storing fixes
  • Log spam fix
  • Disabled Trade Storing by default
  • Send order optimization
  • General Speed improvements

12 May 2021 v 12623

  • Optimized orders info load on application start/connect to core
  • TP/SL double take profit bug fix
  • Send order optimization

7 May 2021 v 12612

  • Mouse pointer fix for Unix-like systems and MacOS
  • Hotkey customization added to the Menu (->Input)
  • Added right click + dragging on chart to change the price scale

5 May 2021 v 12590

  • Core tabs can now be reopened from the Menu
  • Join/Split order bug fix
  • Client reconnect to VPS Core issue fix
  • Tab dragging in Dark UI fix
  • Min Shot buffer hardcoded to 0.2%
  • TP/SL fixes
  • Orders unseen due to scaling % are now drawn on top/bottom of the order book
  • Full Screen button added to all tabs and charts

29 April 2021 v 12548

  • TPSL multiple fixes
  • DARK UI is now available!
  • Launcher is obsolete, now all profiles are created directly in the App
  • Markets Watcher fixes
  • Trailing Stop calculation fixes
  • UI customization possibility via Options Menu
  • Options Menu added to the top left of the screen
  • exe separate launch optimization
  • Added trade’s saving to file
  • Min Buffer set to 0.2 in Algos by default!
  • Join Order fix
  • Notifications time fix
  • Balance display fix on initial launch

9 April 2021 v 12355

  • tpslAlgo sleep 0 fix

7 April 2021 v 12350

  • tp/sl duplication on origin order canceled fix
  • tp/sl messages spam fix
  • Added new parameter to shot/groupShot (stopIfTradeLatencyGreaterThan in seconds). ShotAlgo will restart if tradeSource latency is higher than this parameter
  • wrong commission calculation fix

3 April 2021 v 12311

  • Dual side position setting finctionality
  • Shot Algo fixes
  • Join Orders fixes (speed of execution highly increased)
  • UDS shutdown or loss fixes
  •  min Buffer in shots is now hardcoded to 0.5% !
  •  shot restart delay hardcoded to MINIMUM 1 second!
  •  shotAlgo restartDelay now works only if shot restarted after fill/partially fill. Otherwise restart delay is 60 seconds
  •  USDUSDT error fixed
  •  various TPSL fixes

10 February 2021 v 12218

  • Join Orders upgrade
  • Futures notional fix
  • Memory leak fixes
  • MarkPriceUpdate fixes

2 February 2021 v 11896

  • Removed tab close button for certain panels
  • DeltaH fixes
  • Fixed “Market Info freeze”
  • Added value tag on Percentage Axis

26 January 2021 v 11893

  • Core fixes: RAM over-utilization reported by some users is now fixed. This lead to lags and halts on cores running remotely
  • Frame rate is lowered to 20 (edited in options.cfg)

20 January 2021 v 11859

  • SPOT available/total balances fix
  • SPOT balances now updates on UI properly (without switching tabs)
  • Single order updates not stored to database anymore, meanwhile reports are OK

15 January 2021 v 11838

  • Core crash on stop fix
  • Min free RAM is now 48Mb (from 96Mb)
  • Reverted system overloaded logging
  • Small comments fix

13 January 2021 v 11822

  • Threads leak fix
  • Log cleanup
  • Now algorithms restarts if CPU load > 90% or free RAM < 96mb or free HDD < 2gb
  • System Monitor implemented

7 January 2021 v 11806

  • Trades delta fix
  • getOrder fix

6 January 2021 v 11803

  • UDS restart fix
  • shotAlgo restart fix
  • Logging cleanup
  • Shots restart fix
  • Fixed core crash when trying to get tradePairData using unknown marketType

10 December 2020 v 11753

  • Fixed a bug when balances, leverage and margin type was not available on futures
  • StopLimit order type is now available in stopLoss settings

7 December 2020 v 11733

  • OrderRequestData now has stopPricePercentage field (for stopLimit purposes)
  • StopLimit and StopMarket orders done (stopMarket is available, stopLimit disabled until order settings tab is done)
  • if trailing spread is less than tickSize tpslAlgo will use ticksize as trailing spread
  • StopLimit trailingStop fix

3 December 2020 v 11722

  • Trailing Stop implemented
  • Transfer funds fix
  • Limit SL fix
  • Licensing limitations implemented
  • OKEX, HUOBI, BITMEX, FTX view-mode implemented
  • API weight fix
  • TPSL multiple fixes
  • Panic Sell fix
  • Balances fix
  • no TP, SL fix

18 November 2020 v 11665

  • tpsl fixes
  • Fixed a bug when core stopped receiving trades and could not reconnect

13 November 2020 v 11654

minor bug fixes

10 November 2020 v 11631

  • TPSLalgo fixes
  • DataBaseManager memory leak fix
  • Reports update delay fix
  • PanicSell button now activate stopLoss if it has been disabled before.

05 November 2020 v 11618

  • Fixed a bug when tp/sl is missing after partially filled shot triggered (It happened if partially filled volume is not enough to place new order)
  • Fixed a bug when tpslAlgo instantly closes if it starts with Cancelled order with executed qty (missed initialVolume update)
  • fixed a bug when tpslAlgo could not replace tp order with new qty because it has been already filled
  • Fixed PanicSell issue (sometimes virtual order remained after panic sell activation)
  • Fixed a bug when tpsl didn’t check initial/sold volume if an order has been moved (sometimes order moved with wrong qty)

28 October 2020 v 11590

  • Changed console sfx updater package (windows) back to original version without additional dependencies.

27 October 2020 v 11586

  • Futures/Delivery balance calculation fixes

  • Shot algo now place/move order with parameter rejectIfApiLimit (if api limit reached shotalgo restarts)
  • Futures/Delivery balance fixes
  • Fixed a bug when TPSLalgo didn’t start if Canceled order update being received earlier than Partially_filled
  • Investigating Insufficient balance while placing take profit

21 October 2020 v 11570

  • Futures/Delivery balance calculation fixes
  • Shot algo now place/move order with parameter rejectIfApiLimit (if api limit reached shotalgo won’t place order and restarts/stops)
  • Added log batch writing (Logging optimization. Now logging uses less CPU and writes data to the file every 10 seconds)
  • Fixed a bug when TPSLalgo didn’t start if Canceled order update has been received earlier than Partially_filled report

14 October 2020 v 11539

  • Fixed a bug when UDS account info couldn’t update recently listed market (It happened if user for example changed margin type of recently listed market on other instance or inside exchange UI, accountInfoManager has no information about new market and break all update proccess with exception)

08 October 2020 v 11526

  • shot algo restart fix (fixed bug when partially filled shot tried to cancel order and stop but order already filled)
  • repeat virtual sl triggered, canceling tp (couldn’t cancel real order) fix
  • Triggered virtual orders no longer removes from charts
  • fixed a bug when real tp/sl not placed while balance is insufficient
  • Triggered virtual orders no longer removes from charts
  • Process futures stream sfstream data
  • OrderManager cleanup system (OrderManager now removes orders older than 1 hour)
  • fixed Core crash if ShotAlgo gets order.REMOVED update and can’t find parent order
  • Allow WS per-message deflate with sliding window (up to 95% compression)

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