MoonTrader ICO Summary

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Dear Friends, 

Now that the ICO is over, let us conduct a brief summary of how many tokens were minted, at what stage and how much funding we managed to receive. 

Let us start with the elephant in the room: the 3rd Round, as previously announced, was cancelled. It will not happen.

We’d like to make this one very important thing clear: we did not mint MOON Tokens in advance, i.e. we didn’t create more than we sold. The coins were minted the instant that the payment was received by the Smart Contract, thus, there’s no need now to burn any Tokens, or to mint additional tokens now that the token sale is closed. 

So, referring to the table above, over the course of 2 Rounds of our ICO, we’ve minted a combined total of 1 466 405 MOON Tokens, of which 600 000 are currently frozen for later use by the Team developing the MoonTrader terminal and ecosystem (they will either be distributed among the team members or be used for additional marketing needs). The number of minted Tokens that are held by our backers is 866 405 MOON Tokens. These were minted in 2 stages:

  • Stage I: between June 20th and July 20th, 800 000 tokens were purchased at a discount of 50% which is equal to 100% of the planned supply for Round 1 and has covered our Soft Cap requirement of approximately 400 000$ 
  • Stage II: between September 25th and October 25th an additional 66 405 MOON Tokens were sold during the 2nd Round of our ICO, at a discount of at least 35%, generating additionally around 40 000$ for the development and marketing of our Project. 

 The Smart Contract accepting payments to support our Project and minting MOON Tokens in exchange for the investment has closed on October 25th, thus, no more Tokens will be minted and no more money will be collected via the Smart Contract.

We are now fully concentrated on our primary tasks: Product Development and Marketing. 

In future, before the MoonTrader terminal is launched, we might run marketing campaigns that might involve Token give-aways and those Tokens will come from the 600 000 Tokens that are currently frozen until March 2020 and that are planned to be used at the Team’s discretion. 

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