How it feels being the rabbit among turtles

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When Exchanges Lag

There is only one way to get the money flowing on the crypto market, and that is through exchanges. The creators of the exchanges know that. They also know that their terminals will be used no matter what. If such a state of oligopoly exists on the market and users have little choice other than selecting an exchange from among a couple hundred near-identical interfaces, then the dilemma of choice truly stands.

The interfaces of the vast majority of exchanges are imperfect. It is a fact that is as sorry as it is unfair. The developers are not in much of a hurry to perfect their creations even for competitive purposes. Why bother, if the money will still flow? Time is the greatest factor determining success in trading, and the majority of modern terminals are lagging.

Just How Long Does It Take?

20 seconds may seem like an instant in our lifetimes, but it is an agonizingly long time in trading. The speed of selecting coins for trading and placing orders determines who gets the profits. And 20 seconds is the average time it takes for users to select a coin and place an order on a top exchange like Binance.

Having thought about this simple fact and realized that time truly equals money, many users will start thinking of how to increase those speeds. But they do not need to think, because the development team of MoonTrader has already done it.

The time needed to select a coin and place an order on MoonTrader will be just 0.1 seconds.

Place That Order

Even in its early alpha stage, order placement and cancellation on MoonTrader is already far more advanced than on any exchange. The advanced tools incorporated into the MoonTrader trading platform are as fast as they are easy to use even for newcomers.

Buy orders on MoonTrader can be both a limit order and a pending order to buy with pre-set sale prices after the purchase and the stop levels for sale have been set. Buy Stop orders, or pending orders, can also be pre-set at the sale price after the Buy order and stops have been executed.

Pending orders help implement a breakout trading strategy, as well as more precisely adjust stop loss and trailing stops. Stop Loss can also be turned on and off for any particular order, regardless of the general settings of the bot. If users decide to fix prices, the bot will not lower the price below the set limit.

With Volume Stop (stop by volume in the cup), your bot will start to sell the coin according to the stop loss settings that are currently in effect by reducing the price with a spread step up to the level of the Allowed Drop.

These and many other tools included in the MoonTrader interface will allow traders to instantly place various orders without waiting for the exchange to digest information.

The Graphs Say It All

Japanese candlesticks are fine, but they are just not good enough for crypto trading. The reason is because they take bulk volumes into account when creating trend lines on graphs. Successful crypto trading depends on knowing every single trade taking place. This is where MoonTrader comes in with its cutting-edge use of tick charts.

Tick charts draw a new bar after a set number of trades. Thanks to its API connection to the exchange, the MoonTrader terminal receives stream data on all executed orders on the exchange as soon as they have been processed by the exchange servers. Thus, the visualization of the market state is provided in real time with accuracy of up to tens of milliseconds.

When seconds determine the success of trading and profits, traders need to see everything and this is why the MoonTrader development team has chosen to use the tick graphs.

MoonTrader will implement a completely new set of instruments that no competitors of the terminal currently have. The reason is because the development team has the necessary experience, the immense amount of feedback from traders, a large community of traders and a sincere desire to make a truly useful product for traders.

The development and subsequent refinement of MoonTrader will allow the platform to enter new markets and significantly increase the number of traders who use the product and thus increase the company’s profit in a win-win scenario for its community. With its already significant advantages, the platform will be able to build up on the success and compete head on with the leading exchanges, feeling like a rabbit among turtles.

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